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Opton Signal Fire AI-6A arc fusion splicer
Marca: Opton
Código de producto: OP-SIGNALFIRE-AI-6A
Número de catálogo: 9526
Garantía (meses):
791,31IVA incluido
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The Opton Signal Fire AI-6A is a fiber optic fusion splicer designed for use with SM (Single Mode), MM (Multi-Mode), DS (Dispersion Shifted), and NZDS (Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted) fibers. It utilizes core alignment and comes equipped with an automatic heat shrink oven for protective sleeves. The typical fusion splicing time is 8 seconds, and the heat shrinking time is 18 seconds, making the entire cycle 26 seconds. The splicer features a 5" TFT display, and some settings can be accessed through a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS devices. Additionally, there are four physical buttons below the display for manual operation.

The offered product is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery, which is capable of performing approximately 160 splices. The battery has a built-in DC socket, allowing you to charge it separately from the splicer. In the package, you will find a diamond blade cutter, a flat cable stripper, a coating and lacquer stripper, a power supply, an alcohol bottle, and a brush. The splicer features a rubberized housing that provides increased resistance to impacts and protects against dust (IP52 protection rating). The entire set is enclosed in a convenient case with dimensions of 380 x 175 x 275 mm.

Main features

  • automatic heating
  • core alignment
  • 5" TFT color display
  • protective case (IP52)
  • phone charging capability
  • LED flashlight
  • 5200 mAh battery

Universal holders

The splicer is equipped with holders that you can use for optical pigtails, drop cables (including the coating), and bare optical fibers. After placing the fibers in the holders, the splicer automatically brings them closer together and centers them.

A 26-second splicing cycle

The offered product supports core alignment, with a typical splicing time of 8 seconds and a heat shrink time of 18 seconds. The heater operates automatically, starting the heating process as soon as the cover is closed. The device is equipped with 6 motors for positioning fibers in various planes.

The splicer can be used for SM (Single Mode), MM (Multi-Mode), DS (Dispersion Shifted), and NZDS (Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted) fibers, making it well-suited for a wide range of tasks commonly performed by internet service providers and operators.

5200 mAh battery

In the package, you will find a 5200mAh battery, which, when fully charged, should allow for the completion of 160 splicing cycles. The charging time to reach 100% capacity is less than 3.5 hours.

An additional advantage is the built-in DC socket in the battery housing. You can connect a charger directly to the battery and charge it separately from the splicer. Additionally, LEDs located on the housing indicate the battery's charge level, which is very useful if you have multiple batteries and want to know which one is fully charged and ready for use. The LEDs light up when the button is pressed.

Protective case IP52

The additional rubber housing serves the purpose of protecting the splicer's body from damage. It enhances mechanical durability while also featuring an IP52 protection rating, which safeguards the device against dust ingress.

The capability to charge a phone

You can charge your phone using the port located on the side of the splicer's housing. This is important if you frequently use applications to operate the splicer during your work.

The kit

In addition to the splicer, the kit includes:

  • diamond blade cutter
  • flat cable stripper
  • coating and lacquer stripper
  • alcohol bottle
  • brush
  • power supply

The entire kit is enclosed in a convenient carrying case with dimensions of 38 x 17.5 x 27.5 cm. The total weight of the kit is approximately 4.7 kg, with the splicer alone weighing 2.1 kg.


Opton Signal Fire AI-6A
Fiber alignment Core / cladding
Motor number 6
Splicing time 8 s
Heating mode 18 s (can be customized according to the external environment)
Fiber type SM, MM, DS, NZDS
Splicing loss

SM: 0,02 dB

MM: 0,01 dB

DS/NZDS: 0,04 dB

Splicing mode Automatic focusing core alignment, conventional/high precision welding
Splicing way Automatic, semi-automatic
Holders The holders allow for splicing of pigtails, bare optical fibers, and drop cables.

5200 mAh capacity

Charging time: < 3,5 h

A fully charged battery should provide enough power to complete 160 splicing cycles.


320x (X or Y axis single display)

200x (x and Y axis dual display)

Fiber diameter

Fiber: 80 - 150 μm

Cladding: 100 - 1000 μm

Cutting length

Coating layer 250μm below: 8-16mm

coating layer 250-1000μm: 16mm

Heat shrink tube 60, 50, 40, 25 mm
Display 5 inch TFT color display screen
External lighting USB port can be connected with EXTERNAL LED light, convenient for night construction
Charge mobile device The USB port can charge mobile devices such as mobile phones
Boot time 1 s
Data is stored The built-in memory can store up to 1000 records, and data can also be saved on a server and exported.
Wireless communication Bluetooth 4.2
Software update Mobile phone APP Internet update, enable Bluetooth synchronization upgrade machine software
Management Some functions are accessible through an application available on Android and iOS devices. Basic functions can be used using the physical buttons.
Ports USB 2.0
Case Protective housing IP52
Powering 13,5 V DC / 4,8 A power supply

Operating temperature: -15° ~ 50°

Relative humidity: < 95% (noncondensing)

Height n. ASL 0 -  5000 m